‘My vellichor’

Seven pieces standby
The seventh misses a cover
I cannot stop at six
Number five was most interesting
The fourth made me cry
Three, two, one
Were my daddy’s favourite
Venturing to pick my next pile
Is my new adventure
And that is my vellichor

6th November




He was who he was
I am who I am
I from him
Him a part of me,
But always apart from me

Never called,always answered
Hello ‘mama’
His voice low and warm,
Never got warmer
Yet warm enough

He was a sinner ..
I am a sinner,
Why did it feel so?
Like his were greater?
Who I’m I to judge ,
But his blood and flesh

Give this piece a title šŸ˜ƒ


I chose you
you moved
Moved to greenerĀ  sides
Sides I couldn’t reach
Green or gray
Only you know that
That you made me move
Move from you

From crying to my pillow
I moved
From putting up with nuisance
I moved
From creeping in the darkness
I moved
From fake you
I moved

It took time
Time rewarded me
It gave me room
Room to heal
Heal and see my worth
So I moved


8th November


I got into the bathroom and I almost threw up a very delicious meal I had for dinner!I was in a situation I would never want to put someone in and I  thought maybe I should  share with my readers so that you don’t ever have to cause such disgust to someone else.

How do you leave the bathroom after you’ve washed yourself clean,had that long or short call?which one are you?
A:The unflashed toilet type
B:Hairs on the soap
C:Urine droplets on the bowel or
D:none of the above that is,the one who leaves it sparkling clean as probably found.
Whatever the case or rash you’re in,A,B,C can never be an option for you, at all costs!

Thing is,you can’t begin to imagine what a terrible scenario it is to get orange Particles on the  toilet bowel or a dirty clothe on top of your face towel or water in a basin that has scamp all round or worst case scenario,poop stuck in the bowel.There must be a reason a toilet brush stays in the toilet.So how then do you use a toilet and leave it dirty?same case to running water! I expect a sane person to rinse the soap just in case he/she has unkempt pubic hairs coz trust me if you do,you are bound to leave traces of it on the soap!For what’s basic it’s just disgusting not to consider the state of mind of the next toilet or bathroom user !Its like leaving your dirty underwear for someone to wash leave alone seeing.

It is unacceptable to do such a things. No school will teach you that a descent person should leave the condition of a place hygienic for the next party or hygienic like you found it because if it wasn’t in the first place,you wouldn’t have used it. Or I’m I supposed to clean after you!

There is this other side of it all. We are all different from different places and carrying various different diseases and infections .You do realise that it is easy to contract an infection if you often encounter such cases.This infections are common with ladies and funny thing is, majority of men fall under this challenge of unhygienic behaviours. Quick reminder is your clumsy behaviour could cost someone a fortune trying to cure an infection they would have avoided if you just did what is expected of you.


4th November



This would  come as a btw to most guys and trust me it is…but really is something crucial.Care to tell me what you think of first when you get that end month salary,or the incentive you’ve waited for or even a token from  a long term friend?Do you go KFc(ing),partying or do get yourself something valuable or may I say special,like that bed rag you’ve been eyeing on kilimall,or that nice kitchen table,a unique shoe rack or even a cute portable wardrobe?

I’ve been asking myself this for as long as I can remember and my answer has always been “that special thing.”
Attention cannot always be as good as admiration..that(in shock)look when you get into a clean well organised room,kitchen or living room and you can’t help it but see yourself doing more.

If I were to buy all the food and drinks I wanted and I love fooood so to say,I would still feel hungry after some time,that I’m sure you will agree.What about that Eye catching flower vess,will you need another to replace it?No you won’t!What about a beautiful shoe rack? Ofcoarsenot!Why?coz the beauty never seizes.

quick question..have you ever walked intoĀ  a friend’s or family’s home and all you see is a mattress,and a cooker ,and ofcoarse some few utensils?(leave aside the person who can’t afford more)instead,Ā  picture that one who actually can…but hasn’t. What comes into mind? Could it be that the particular person has his/her priorities heading the opposite direction? I mean who wouldn’t want a nice home, the one visitors complement every time they walk in?so why choose fun over a beautiful,clean,classy organised home?In other words..a chance at a dream life and home?

I sometimes sit down and picture myself in a comfortable home(not necessarily luxurious but if luxury is headed my way who am I to say noļ„±ļ˜‡),swinging on that round chair with a unique beautiful mug full with coffee and nothing less.Just more.
And as its said..dreams are valid..mine is too


Sat 16th October 

Understanding our own feelings is hard enough,right?Atleast that’s what we all say..but what about Understanding your loversĀ  thoughts,knowing what they think of you,what they want from you or when they are done with you?
Is it not better to know when it’s time to move on before being left unaware?
For one I’m accepting that it actually is not easy .But again isn’t it obvious to note that your patner is no longer interested?

For that reason am going to tell you how to find out your patner is done with you or wants nothing to do with you. some of this scenarios will be quite familiar,some may not be but I bet someone’s view on the same will always be different. Don’t you agree? I will use real life experiences from my friends and mine too.
I guess you’re wondering how in the world I’ve got any experience considering my age but you will be shocked..I.mean,age is just a numberļ˜….

“She had a best friend ,they did a lot of things together..things she never did with me,”T said.”Took her to the saloon and picked her up, posted her with long captions;those that should give you goosebumps but instead are giving her best friend and whenever I complained,she’d say stop being dramatic!she even called her cute names she never used on me!”

The small things matter. He doesn’t create time to do stuff with you,doesn’t call you sweet names but finds it easy calling someone else?maybe it’s time you know your place.It could be a tight schedule or
maybe,just maybe, he/she doesn’t want anything to do with you.

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend have a besty who’s getting special treatment,more time etc that you are not getting?Then it’s time to dig into that friendship.Am not saying every best friend they have has  something else rapped up.. am only telling you that it’s fair to know what type of relationship they have.You might be in for the shock of a lifetime.Even a reason to move on!
Ofcoarse you don’t want to be the fool being cheated on under your nose,do you?

Some of us have been in relationships where we were not wanted from time zero,yet we stayed until the signs were past clear,some even leading to heartbreaks beyond repair.

I remember him filling me in on all his plans, ideas,his most disturbing issues,his bad days and his success. He woke up and I was his first call by the balcony when I was away. If I recall correctly, he raised my hopes making me believe we’d be something someday  untill he stopped calling.He shut me out of his life completely. That was just a sign for me.

I didn’t want to assume he was done with me, so I  called to inquire what was happening because I honestly didn’t know what to make of the situation. Him not being able to explain what I was in his life was reason enough to know he was done with me otherwise it would have been a journey misunderstood.You just don’t go silent from nowhere…

“She became cold”said Mr j, “even our conversations  shouted just how she was fed up with me;always  brief like she does not want to talk,it was the hi, hi conversation .She always had an excuse not to go out or talk.I didn’t  want her to feel imprisoned by my love for her! But one thing was clear, she was done with me.”

Maybe you don’t know what dry looks like  so here is an example!

Do you ever feel like you are not being treated with love and respect or made feel special?This is usually seen on his acts; being taken out, getting surprised with gifts? What about his torn of language when you are having conversations?is it the sweet torn you’d expect from a loved one or is some harsh voice shooting back at you quickly and precise. It could be a sign! Something like giving answers just so to be done with it all.Could be questions or serious matters. Still, it’s upon you to decide if that’s what you would want for a torn from your patner.

From all these experiences, one thing stood out ,the party being done with had more to give and in this case more love. I would comment that maybe the leaving party hadĀ  perhaps had all they wanted , or maybe they found out something about their partners that made them feel like leaving was better than solving or talking about it. Come to think of it ,it would be wise to ask why they got done so soon (could be so long) so that if it was on you, you get a chance to correct yourself before another one feels like he/she is done with you.

What do you say about prostitution ?

purity wangoi



Folks,am sure you all know what prostitution is,but it doesn’t hurt to remind you that it is the act of engaging in relatively indiscriminate sexual activity with someone who is not a spouse or a friend in exchange for immediate payment.
This could be money jewelry etc.In simple terms..commercial sex.

As I was writing this I decided to put away my thoughts on prostitution regardless of the much I would say,so I asked random friends of “mine” for their opinion.Don’t get me wrong on the quoted mine though.

I’ll jump straight to whatever they had to say and of course their identities will be anonymous as per their request except a few who wanted their honest opinion not hidden,rather told out boldly as they gave them.

After my interviews. I realised  I had the wrong company(friends  to be precise)I mean if my friends’ opinion on a very crucial and delicate matter(that says a lot about one’s character) don’t blend with my own,that could just show how different we are!Pretty sure you now understand why the “mine”.

Mr F
He is a close friend of “mine” I’ve known for a year plus.And this is what he had for me.
“Hustle ni hustle,” is what he had to say
“You can’t judge a Job that is earning someone a living.”This caught my attention.I was literally not judging but giving my honest opinion or rather my view.
I came to terms with the fact that many a times when one’s opinion doesn’t match your its called judging!

Before I give you another piece of the cake, I think you should know whether this act is legal or not.

The government doesn’t call it out to be illegal. Kind of sugar coating it all up,the constitution states that it’s illegal to profit from the prostitution of others and to aid ,abet ,compel or incite prostitution (section 153 and 154 of the penal code)What about the act itself and the one who commits?
Its funny that the government knows this things happen all over the country;along the coast regions(sex tourism)and all urban centres and still looks with blurred eyes .

Back to my interview,this was charity’s opinion on the same;
“I’d say it is a sin and they(prostitutes) always have an option not to do it but they still choose to.They want easy money and that’s what they get!”

Mr Tim gave me this;
[  ] High poverty level leaves no option.
[  ] Unavailability of employment and harsh economy makes prostitution as quick means of earning.
[  ] It’s immoral but so long as its someone’s means of providing his/her needs…let them hustle.
This are very compelling points that a ‘mama fua’ can use when it comes to her hustle.His opinion made me ask myself questions I didn’t have answers to so I continued to ask.
“If you met a random  lady in need of food,house rent or any basic need and she “offers ” herself to you would you accept? He said no And next question was obviously why.
He gave me a reasonable answer ,”I am not attracted to that business,”else I was almost categorising him with those who can buy “it”!!Emphasising that all businesses attract the right customers.

This leaves me with one question
..if it is a hustle I cannot do because it doesn’t meet moral standards, why agree with it if someone else is doing it? What if it was a mum or a sister?would you say ‘hustle ni hustle’

If I hit the wall,went bankrupt and was at the edge of collapsing, I would wash people’s clothes,dishes , cook or even beg on the streets rather than sell my ‘coochie”.
I bet most agree joblessness could not be a reason for one to run to commercial sex working.Only lack of morals and a spiritual  stand regarding sex could lead to prostitution.

If you are out there and agree to prostitution even by 0.01% ,this could mean:
[  ] For a lady, either you have done the business or thought of doing it.
[  ] You lack some/all morals.
[  ] You are lazy and prefer easy money.
And for a male:
[  ] You probably have paid to have sex.
[  ] You are a hit and ran type of guy(fear commitment).
[  ] You lack morals.

Honestly speaking there can be no dignity in any relationship where sex is exchanged for money,yet there are over 133,000 prostitutes in Kenya and rising by the day who defend their way of makingĀ  a living and embrace their identity!

It is sad that generations that upheld morals are fading!Platforms are plenty out here supporting prostitution.A phone call away, a simple text and almost all social media platforms, instagram,WhatsApp etc and you have yourself a “meating” as most people are calling it nowadays.

We are so ready to pay a fortune for a massage plus a ‘happy ending ‘ I know you know what I mean.
We are doing it unknowingly or maybe it’s the new MODERN PROSTITUTION .

It is sin to indulge in sexual activity with someone who is not a spouse..How about several nights and days?Isn’t that too bad?
It’s high time  we come together as a country and eradicate this virus that’s spreading like wild fire.